Player Reward Points

Current Point Totals
Earning Player Reward Points
Activity Performed Points Earned
RSVP to SessionsRSVP on the calendar to the next session by the preceding Friday at midnight. 1
On Time to Game (per session) – If you are seated and ready to go at Call Time you gain this award. 1
Active on Forum – I will judge if someone has been active. 1 post saying “Yes” will not count as being “active.” Activity can be either in-character or in other threads. 1
Bring Sustenance – Bring snacks to the gaming session. Once per session. 1
Bring Refreshment – Bring booze/drinks to the gaming session. Once per session. 1
Group Treasurer – Maintain the party inventory page and keep track of the treasure gained by the group. This is per-session. 1
Group Cartographer – Draw maps of the places the group has been to for future reference. This is per-session. 1
Update Character Stats – Every time your character levels on Obsidian Portal and/or Character Stat Card you should make sure your stats block is up to date, in terms of ability scores, spells, weapons, etc. This should be done before the start of the next session. . 1
Dear Diary… – Write a journal entry for your character for the previous session/sessions on Obsidian Portal. This can take the form of an actual journal entry, a mission report, a letter to a friend/loved one, etc. 1 point is awarded for 100 words, 2 points for 300 or more words, and 1 additional point for inserting a drawing or sketch. 1-3
Adventure Logger – Write the adventure log for the previous session on Obsidian Portal. Must be finished by midnight 2 days after the session. (For a Friday session, the log would be due Sunday by midnight.) 3
Character Biography – Write down your character biography in your character’s page. Depending on how detailed your bio, I will adjudicate points. The rule of thumb I’ll be using is 1 point per good paragraph. Note: Some of these paragraphs are allowed to be Player Secrets. (You’ll see a link that allows you to add player secrets. These will only be seen by you and the GM.) 1-7
Special Projects – Periodically I will post projects into the forum. These can range from creating an NPC to writing the history of a specific city to designing a dungeon to making certain wiki pages look better, and everything in between. If you have an idea, feel free to bring it to me and if I like it, I’ll assign some points for it. Varies
MVP – Based on role playing rather than damage dealt. Awarded to the player who receives the most votes at the end of the session. 1
Spending Player Reward
Reward Point Cost
10 XP per Character Level – Gain ten experience points times your character level next time you rest. 1
15 Spacebucks per Character Level – Gain fifteen Spacebucks times your character level next time you rest or are in town. 1
Re-roll To-Hit Roll – Player may re-roll a single to-hit roll per purchase. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. May not be used for critical misses. 3
Re-roll Weapon Damage – Player may re-roll a single weapon damage roll per purchase. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll 3
Re-roll Skill Check – Player may immediately re-roll any one skill check made by them. 3
Re-roll Initiative – Player may re-roll a single initiative roll. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 6
Re-roll Saving Throw – Player may re-roll a single saving throw Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 8
Extra Skill Point – Character gains one extra skill point that they may assign as they wish. Rules for maximum ranks still apply. 10
Extra Force Point – Character gains one extra skill point that they may assign as they wish. 10
+1 Bonus to Skill – Player may add +1 misc. modifier bonus to any skill. This does not count as skill points/ranks, and may put the player over the usual character level +5 maximum. Characters may not take this more than 5 times for any one skill. 15
Bonus Class Skill – Character may choose any skill that is not a class skill. It is now a class skill. Prerequisites apply. 20
I actually want this… – Character may change one feat, racial option, class ability. All rules for qualifications/prerequisites still apply. 25
Extra Hit-Points – Character permanently gains 1 extra hit die of their class of HP. 25
Leadership Opportunity – Character may now purchase the Leadership feat. All rules for the Leadership feat still apply. 30
Free Write Out – A player may write out their current character and bring in a new character at the same XP total. This is instead of the usual -1 level when bringing in a new character. 30
Why Don’t You Check Again… – Player may force the DM to reroll any one roll made against their character. Player may choose to use the original roll or the reroll. 30
+1 Bonus to Ability Score – Character gains +1 to any ability score. Any one ability score may benefit from this a maximum of 3 times. 35
Bonus Feat – Character gains a bonus feat. All rules for feat qualifications and prerequisites apply. This award can be taken up to 3 times per character. 40
Hard to Kill – Character gains permanent +1 to any one saving throw (Fort, Ref, Will). 40
Damn Quick – Character gains permanent +1 to all initiative rolls. 45
Phenomenal Luck – Player gains +2 DM bonus to all hit, damage, saving throws, skill checks, spell damage and DC’s for an entire gaming session. 45
I wanted to play… a lumberjack! – Allows a player to have access to 2 PC’s (Not at the same time, see Leadership for that.) The player may switch freely between these characters (subject to DM & storyline approval.) Secondary character will gain experience and wealth at similar rates to the rest of the party. Although both characters may be friends, they have separate inventories and finances. (Suspenders & bra optional.) 50
Hard Hitting – Character gains permanent +1 to all weapon damage rolls. 60
Gestalt Level – Players gain 1 gestalt level. (Explained below.) 60
May I Interrupt – Player may take an immediate action even if they have not acted, or have already acted during the round. 20: Move, 40: Standard, 55: Full Round

Gaining a gestalt level is similar to gaining two classes in one level. The character uses the best aspects of each level. For instance, let’s say a 3rd level rogue wants to have a gestalt level for their 4th level. In this scenario, they want to be able to hit harder in combat, so they decide to take their gestalt level with Barbarian.

We line up the two classes, and choose the best abilities (in bold) from each class as follows:

Scoundrel 4th level Jedi Guardian 1st level
HP d6 d10
Skill Points 8+Int 4+Int
BAB +3 +1
Fort +0 +2
Ref +4 +2
Will +1 +1
Special Skill Emphasis Force Training, Deflect (defense +1)

At 4th level, this character will get the d10 VP of the Jedi Guardian instead of the d6 from the Scoundrel. They’ll keep the Scoundrel’s skill points since they’re higher per level. (The character gets the class skills from both classes here.) The Base Attack Bonuses are higher for the Scoundrel. The character takes the higher Fortitude save from the Jedi Guardian, and the higher Reflex save from the Scoundrel. Lastly, the character gets the special abilities from both classes.

If you have any ideas for more ways to earn or spend points, let me know by creating a forum topic

Player Reward Points

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