Galactic Alcohol

A particularly powerful beverage, favored mainly in and around corellian space, but known throughout the galaxy. It is often used in a drinking competition known as “lumguzzling”. Lum has a peculiar effect on a body – while the imbiber often feels the effects of more standard forms of alcohol, for some reason a drinker cannot overdose on lum as he can with other types of beverages. Therefore, lumguzzling isn’t as dangerous to the participants as other drinking games are. A pitcher of lum is usually quite large (and costs 6 to 10 credits) and in smaller quantities the drink tastes sweet and slightly soapy – but not unpleasantly so.

Lumguzzling – Competition Rules
[presented here as a sample of what this can do. Obviously, in a setting like SWTOR – where we don’t have the old WEG d6 stats – some RP is required]
Each player drinks a pitcher of lum, and then makes a Very Easy stamina roll. If he fails, he immediately passes out from the potency of the drink. If he succeeds, he remains conscious. The catch is that his stamina code is now reduced by 1D and when the world has stopped lurching from side to side, he will have to make a secong guzzle with all of the above rules. The process continues, with each side taking turns to guzzle, until only one person remains conscious. Presumably if both parties collapse on the same turn, the game is a draw.

Renan Irongut
This drink is named simply enough after what you need to drink it. (Downing it in one drink requires a Moderate Stamina roll). Tradition has it that the potion also makes a potent rust remover. However, as this drink costs around 3 to 5 credits a shot, it’s much cheaper to buy real rust remover and use that; so far no-one has gotten around to testing the brewer’s claims.

Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud
This mixed drink has been likened to watching a starfighter flying towards you from the horizon; you can see it coming… you see it flash overhead… there is a brief pause… followed by an almighty and completely unexpected explosion of sound as the shockwave passes. At this point, the drinker should make an Easy stamina roll of fall off his seat from the impact.
The name “thundercloud” arose because the active ingredients of the drink produce a “fizzy” effect which creates a miniature cloud of ionized gas above the mouth of the serving glass. Most establishments serve this drink in a container that fires tiny microshocks into the cloud, simulating an electrical storm.

Pink Lizard Thunderbolt
An interesting variant of the above. For added realism, the drinker can taste the mud from the ground after being knocked over by the sound wave. At this point a Moderate stamina check is required to avoid falling over.
The drink is named after its inventor – a small, scaly lizard of indeterminate species, gender and color (most people who have tried the drink had difficulty focusing their eyes afterwards) who popped up in one of Margath’s bars off and on for a number of years. After inventing this potion, it never drank anything else and the brew was eventually named in its honor.

Starshine Surprise
This drink is called the Starshine Surprise because, after you’ve drunk it, the next thing you will notice is the stars above you, probably because you are laying flat on your back in the street (which is quite a surprise if you’re not expecting it). This drink is for non-humans and the most hardened human drinkers only.

Tatooine Sunburn
Tatooine is a binary system; a Tatooine Sunburn is two Starshine Surprises in the same glass. Another common variation is the Cassandra Sunrise. Don’t ever try it. It is rumored than one of these makes an excellent sunburn salve, but only if you have extremely thick skin.

Skannbult Likker
Skannbult Likker, a brew unique to the planet Skann in Astal Sector, is possibly the most volatile firewater in the galaxy. It is made from local surplus crops (Dust-corn and Dry Gene Wheat), and distilled in rock basins by the local farmers. However, the Likker’s quality is very variable, and the good stuff is only brewed by the smaller farmers way out of town. Traders rarely encounter anything but the quick-brewed rotgut on offer at the Skann spacers’ bar. Margath’s – a well known series of spacers bars on Elshandruu Pica – has managed to get a hold of some of the really good stuff. In those establishments the drink is simply called Fire Liquor and retails between 15 and 25 credits for a double measure. If it sells fast, it is likely that the price will go up to 20 credits for a single measure in the near future.

Another obscure drink, this time from Parein II 4 – the Fourth Moon of Parein II – in the Sarin Sector. Daranu is made from a local fruit called Terrberries and certain spicy nuts, and is fermented in drilled, scooped-out hardnut shells from Parein Sweetgreen Fruit. It is rich, refreshing, warming and hits you like a well-aimed blaster shot about half a standard hour later after drinking it.

The Reactor Core
Many hardened drinkers claim that this beverage should only be available by prescription, mainly because of the quantity of narcotic agents that are released by mixing Spice Liqueur and Blue tonic. The People who drink it claim that this is complete nonsense, no narcotic agents are released and … by the way, did you know you’ve just turned into a lampstand?

The Meltdown
Supposedly a more sophisticated drink than the above, the presence of Lum and Spice Liqueur in close proximity means this drink doesn’t need to release narcotic agents to have exactly the same effect as the more conservative brew just described. The drink is much more expensive, however, typically ten to 12 credits.

Corellian Whiskey
The Corellians have, for all practical purposes, sewn up the galaxy’s whiskey market, both on the manufacturing and consumption sides (anyone who has seen just how much Whiskey the average Corellian consumes will agree with the sentiment). Not many other people buy the stuff anyway. It may be good quality, but because of the cost of importing it from the Corellian System itself, most people consider it too expensive to drink on any but the most special occasions
[Corellians are the Irish of Star Wars!!]

Savareen Brandy
There is a lot of snobbery associated with the consumption of quality brandy. Savareen and Cassandran Brandy are probably the only types actually worthy of all the arcane procedures that dedicated brandy drinkers like to indulge themselves in. As far as anyone else is concerned – yes, they’re “quite nice”

Cassandran Choholl
Their brandy may be good; their Choholl is better. Grada brand Cassandran Choholl is particularly sought after throughout most of the galaxy, and often sells for upwards of 500 credits per bottle!

Other Drinks
Every inhabited planet in the galaxy produces intoxicating drinks of some kind. The ones described above are a small selection of the best-known.
The dedicated may find: Renan Wines, Ky-Lessian Fruit Distillate, Orryxian Catsblood, Vintage Bespine Port, Spice Liquor, Ottegan Mead, Narcolethe from the Mandalore system, Endrollan ground-apple juice (which isn’t supposed to be alcoholic but often ferments during storage).

If the delights of the galaxy’s spirits pall, there is plenty of good honest beer to be quagged.
Corellian Ale, Fozybeer, Fox Beer, Ryll beer, Spice beer, Thuris Stout, Lagers, Fortified beers,
Ciders and so on.

Galactic Alcohol

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