Star Wars Sunday

A Much Larger Galaxy (Part 1)

If there was an armpit of the galaxy, the rock and dust planet of Capella 3, in the outer rim, would be it.

In its early years, its location along colony trade lanes made it a popular stopping point for smugglers and honest traders alike. In time, a modest spaceport and supporting community developed. The rest of the barren planet remained relatively un-colonized.

About 15 years ago, rich deposit of Lommite, an element used in manufacturing transparasteel was discovered, and the Empire was quick to move in. Laborers were imported with diverse backgrounds. Some were law breakers given the option of working off their debt, others were pormised high wages, while others simply wanted to escape to the outer rim and start a new life. Once there, however, workers found that housing, medical, sustenance, and equipment costs far outweighed their wage. in time everyone was deep in dept to the Imperial supervisors. Children became indentured servants, and the mining colony became little more than a slave camp. Few were able to afford transport off-world, and most end up dying in the mines.

The adventure opens with our orphan hero’s searching for an unknown beast that has been killing miners where the Hero’s labor for the empire. A reward has been offered for the destruction of the beast. Life in the mines has always been dangerous, but, events of late have been particularly bad. Bodies, or parts of bodies, have been found daily, bloody and ripped to shreds, in a new branch of the mine. What horror is stalking the new tunnels can only be guessed.

As our hero’s make their way through the dark tunnels they discover several small vicious cats attacking an very unkempt Gammeorean, Motzzbob. Our valiant hero’s quickly dispense of the cats saving the overwhelmed Gammeorean, who decides its best to leave this mess to the hero’s and take the reward. Ignoring the pleas and wishes of the Hero’s Motzzbob begins collecting the heads of the slain cats. Suddenly as Motzzbob decides to leave he is brutally killed by a much larger Gronk Cat (perhaps a mother protecting its young.) The hero’s defeat the large creature and collect the severed heads of the cats to return them to the Imperial office and claim their reward.


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